#TIL - Reddit provides RSS feeds

News Explorer on macOS

After big drama on Twitter last year, I stopped using it and moved to Mastodon for microblogging (murat@synaps.space). But I then realised that I was learning a lot from the tweets from the people that I follow (most of them left Twitter anyway). Some friends suggested to use Reddit for following "topics" instead of people. That sounded nice and gave Reddit a try but same issue of all social media channels disturbed me again: "auto curated timeline". I follow only a few channels but in my timeline I have many unrelated things because I just had a look one of the post on that channel (probably I came there from a search result), or Reddit thinks it's related with my other channels, or it's just an ad.

I was nearly giving up but then I noticed RSS support of Reddit. I love RSS. My RSS reader is my own social media. I have lots of RSS feeds, always waiting for me, in a categorised and date ordered feed, for the time that I prefer. I don't miss anything if I skip checking my RSS reader for a few days. I want to write more about how I love and use RSS in a separate article.

So I added some of the Reddit channels to my RSS reader. And now it works perfect. If I want to check news/posts about a topic that I'm interested in, I just go to that category in my RSS reader, and see a combined list of posts about that topic from Reddit, some blogs, Github release notes etc.

The first thing I would recommend to everyone to increase productivity and efficiency would be to start using RSS.

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